First things first, for the record “God” is just the name I use for “The Higher Power”, or “The Creator”, but you can call Him/ it whatever feels right to you.

I believe that no matter what religion a person is, or whatever name they happen to use for their God, above and beyond, we are all worshiping the same exact energy. The Higher Power cares so little about what we refer to Him as, as long as we strive to have a relationship with Him, that’s all He cares about. God has ZERO ego and only cares about the emotional connection between you and Him, not what you refer to Him as. Could you just imagine how many wars could have been avoided throughout history if people knew this?

For one reason or another, many people in today’s world have shunned organized religion, and with that they have also removed God from their lives. They believe that because they do not go to church, they have no right to have a relationship with God.

Then there are some people who are angry at the church, and therefore feel they must also be angry at God… but being angry at God for the wrongs of humans is like hating flowers because a bee stung you.

Even though religion has much to do with God, God has little to do with religion. God existed before the Universes, before, the moon, the sun and the stars, and definitely before humans and religion.

The thing with organized religion is that while the concept is great, and the intent is good, all humans are flawed, even the people who run the churches, who we believe should be “perfect”, are flawed. Perfect doesn’t exist.

I’m here to ask you from the bottom of my heart, to not blame God for the mistakes made by humans. God is the only perfection there is, and holding humans to those same standards of will always backfire on you. In denying God, you actually end up denying a deeper understanding of yourself and when you do that you end up cheating yourself out of so many beautiful experiences in life.

Please do all you can to separate the idea of religion and spirituality from one another because they are not the same. Religion is tied to the church. Spirituality is the act of connecting with the Higher Power, even without the church.

You do not need to go to church to have a deeply meaningful, life transforming relationship with God. In fact, you’ll probably have a better relationship with God if you don’t wait to speak to God once per week, on Sundays only. I speak to God in my head, through my heart, every single day of my life and the miracles that occur for me because of this are countless.

God is the energy of unconditional love, He does not judge us, He only loves us, and wants us to learn and grow from the experiences we are having in life, the exact same way a proud father wants his young child to learn and grow. When we open up our hearts to allow more of God’s loving energy into our lives, that is when we begin to experience more joy and inner-peace in our lives.

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Nicole Molloy
Spiritual Wellness Mentor & Author