What would you think if I told you that the Coronavirus may have been sent to save humanity from itself by providing a major wake up call for every single person on the entire planet at the exact same time?

What if I told you that this virus’ destructive path is actually paving the way to a completely undeserved second chance for humans to “reset and return to basics” before time runs out and there isn’t another opportunity to do so.

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For quite some time now, humans have been barreling down a very dangerous and bumpy road completely blindfolded, and somewhere along the way we’ve become so disconnected from our own souls that we’ve forgotten who we are, where we’ve come from, and what our purpose in life is supposed to be.

This feeling of not knowing our own selves creates a longing within us for something that we can’t quite put our finger on. It feels like a painful hole in our hearts, so we’ve been trying to escape this emptiness by filling it with external things like work, money, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, gambling, obsessive media consumption, and eating, just to name a few… and not only is that not working for us, it’s creating a toxic plague throughout the collective spirit of humanity and the Earth.

The Coronavirus however, presents us with a number of gifts in disguise – gifts that could spark positive change on a global scale, but only if people take this opportunity to use their new found “down time” to focus on their own personal, emotional and spiritual growth, because the only way we can change the world, is to change ourselves.

People will die, we will experience grief, fear, anxiety, and anger, but this is because humans do not learn when things are easy. During these challenging times though, please keep in the back of your mind that this is all happening for a greater purpose, and this reason is to help us realize that how we’ve been living, is not heathy, physically, mentally, or spiritually. Here are a few things that deserve our attention.


Many of us are working from home right now, or are out of work, and so we have more down time than we’re typically used to having. While this may feel weird, this change is going to create more time for you to get to know yourself, and perhaps your family.

At first this disruption to the “norm” will feel stressful, and may even cause you anxiety. This is because when any new change is introduced to a person’s brain, there is at first a struggle to accept it, until eventually it becomes more natural feeling.

In modern day society we’ve become accustomed to rushing around so frantically that it feels normal to us, but that is not normal, nor is it healthy. Calm and peace are obtainable when we allow ourselves to sit quietly in the moments that we are living as they are happening, instead of rushing through them as if they were a nuisance or road block to our work schedule.

We need to practice being present in our own lives, because so many of us are NOT! This is the first step in improving the mental health of mankind – the ability to sit quietly with oneself for an extended amount of time in order to appreciate all that is around us and to dare to look inward and ask ourselves the important questions… our mental health depends on it.

Today, record numbers of people struggle with depression, and anxiety, and suicide rates keep climbing higher, year after year. This is because our heads and our hearts are not in alignment with one another. It’s time to make your metal health a priority!


In addition to using this time to improve your mental health, the time couldn’t be better to evolve and grow your spiritual health. Even though the majority of your human emotions right now might be founded in fear, I want you to know that deep down, your soul knows that these events are happening for the good of all mankind.

The air around us is pulsing with electricity and the spirit of divinely guided change. An entire planet is being reworked, and rewired for a very specific purpose… so that we can all find our way back to ourselves. Try not to be afraid. What’s happening now, is actually a beautiful kaleidoscope of events coming together exactly as they should to form the perfect outcome… God’s vision of peace, love and harmony for all of us to experience together.

When we learn to stop operating from our ego, the “human” part of ourselves which is making us feel afraid and anxious, and move into living as our higher selves, we will begin to see the world completely differently. We will learn to rise above the chaos of the human world, and live as the divine beings we truly are – not afraid of the change that death or sickness would bring, because we understand that our souls are eternal, and the journey (and the adventure), never ends. We also understand that we are forever connected to our spirit families. I teach about this and much more in my FREE Spiritual Foundations 101 Masterclass. If you are interested in removing fear and awakening the true and real version of yourself, I invite you to sign up.

In lack we will come to understand gratitude, and the difference between a need vs. a want. Our expectation of instant gratification will cease and patience will increase. Our materialistic, consumer driven, disposable society will end, and we will come to learn the art of simplicity. We will understand how to be happier with less, for when you always want more, you remain in lack, but to be grateful for what you have, you will always have more than you need.

People will look inward and question whether or not they are honoring their passion and purpose. Careers and roles will undoubtedly change and there will be many opportunities for people to recreate themselves.


We’ve been so busy, and focused our endless routines, we’ve taken for granted the people in our lives who are always there for us. This is a time to reconnect with those people… even if it’s via phone calls or facetime calls. (Yes, I said “calls”, plural. Stop texting, start actually talking to people again).

Another way to improve relationships is to take an honest look at the ways in which you could be a better parent, spouse, friend, sibling, son or daughter. Use this extra time to make others feel loved and cared for. For example, a friend of mine recently left me gifts of honey and eggs at the end of her driveway (which I picked up without interacting with her). The effort and love put into these gifts did not go unnoticed and made me feel so good inside.

It may happen that we need the help of others in our community, or someone needs our help. Go out of your way to be of service to your fellow man, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. There are ways to do this without social contact. It may eventually become difficult to obtain services and supplies. Give to your community however you can. One day this virus will pass and your community will feel much tighter knit because of it.

Humans do not thrive in abstract virtual worlds. We are meant to live in tribes or villages of up to 200 people or so. The feeling of deep connection that our villages are meant to provide us with, have become a thing of the past. We’ve become so independent that we don’t need anyone, and therefore feel that they don’t need us either, and that’s a bleak outlook, being that humans naturally crave deep, meaningful relationships. This is yet another reason why people feel depressed and anxious. The time has come to realize how much we really do need others in our lives and how much they need us. The time has come to love and be loved.


This is one of the main reasons we are experiencing the Coronavirus right now… because how we operate internally as people, is having a profoundly negative effect on planet Earth, our only home. Our decisions and our apathy is poisoning the waters, abusing the animals, polluting the air, and destroying the delicate balance of invisible ecosystems. The only way to fix the planet, is to fix ourselves, mentally and spiritually. The rest will take care of itself.

We are all connected. We are all one. No matter our differences, we all come from the same source, The Creator. We are all divine beings with limitless potential, and our own lives have an incredible impact on the lives of others, and the world around us. Just look at how fast a virus can spread starting from one person. Just as powerful, just imagine the impact our thoughts and actions have out into the world around us as well. Once we become healthier internally, the world around us will become healthier externally.

If you are ready to begin your spiritual journey, sign up for my FREE Spiritual Foundations 101 course, and then from that point on, we’ll journey even further into how to master your mind and awaken your soul… but before you can do that, you FIRST have to understand some basic foundations, which is what this class will teach.

With love and healing,