Mindful Heart Project – Personal Coaching

Do you struggle with depression, anxiety or addiction? Does your mind race with thoughts that seem to lead nowhere? Are you stressed out? Does your heart feel empty? Do you long to feel that there’s more to this life you’re living now?

The biggest obstacle we face in life is ourselves, and to overcome these feelings, we first need to become mindful of our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and judgements; both of self and others. We need to slow down. We need to live in the present. We need to question “reality”. We need to ask ourselves if we truly agree with what the world has taught us to believe. We must question our morality and our mortality. This is life. It’s not easy, but it sure is interesting!

As children we’re at the mercy of our caretakers, but eventually (hopefully) there comes a turning point in a person’s life, where they become brave enough to forge their own path – no longer willing to place blame for their problems on others, to focus on doing the work necessary to evolve and grow as a person in order to create a life they love living. “Reparenting” ourselves takes work, it does not happen automatically, but there’s nothing more rewarding than the feeling of living an authentic life that you built for yourself.

Nicole created a series of online training programs where she helps to guide and inspire individuals who are ready to embark on the beautiful, transformative journey of aligning both head (thoughts) and heart (soul) – because when these two aspects of ourselves begin to work together, the internal chaos we feel inside begins to fade away; making way for our higher selves to start running the show – and not our fear, anxiety, depression, or addictions.

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