Mindful Heart Project – Corporate Training

It’s no secret that healthy employees are an asset to the companies they work for. Healthy AND HAPPY employees are an even greater asset. While many companies encourage their employees to take care of their physical health, more and more businesses are becoming aware of the importance of nurturing their employee’s mental, emotional, and even spiritual health and wellbeing. 

Healthy and happy employees have fewer sick days, experience less anxiety, less depression, and less negative self-talk. This combination results in less workplace drama and conflict – which in turn improves overall employee moral. Not to mention, that happy employees are more productive and tend to bring more creative ideas to the table.

Our thoughts create our internal reality, and our internal reality creates the world that we share together. Work environments can be a complicated mix of personalities and egos, but learning how to be mindful of our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and judgements creates an internal environment within us, that allows for a more nurturing and productive work environment to blossom and grow. 

Nicole created the Mindful Heart Project training program for companies who want to begin the process of introducing mindfulness to their corporate culture. Want more info? SEND NICOLE A MESSAGE