Meet Nicole

Nicole Molloy is a Spiritual Wellness Mentor who helps people to create a life they love living by overcoming their deeply rooted, highly destructive patterns of self-sabotage. (Learn more…)

She also helps to bring the power of mindful thinking into the corporate environment in order to create a healthy, happy and emotionally productive corporate culture for employees. (Learn more…)

Since she was a young child, Nicole has possessed a psychic level intuitive gift known as “Claircognizance” or “clear knowing.” This gift has allowed her to receive and understand a complex collection of insights from her Guides and Angels about how and why people sabotage their happiness, success and relationships with others. And how to fix it.

This continuous communication has turned the last 30+ years of her life into a study of the human condition; observing the world from outside of herself, from an objective perspective. Inspired by these interactions, Nicole has been a student of spirituality and psychology out of pure enjoyment for the subject matter for much of her life.

There was a time when Nicole kept this powerful collection of insights quietly to herself, until one day, God made it understood that it was time to share her knowledge with the people of the world who are feeling lost or stuck in their life, and want to make a change.

She accepted the challenge, and in doing so, made a complete career switch from marketing to life coaching. A move which she hopes will inspire people to be brave in their mission to stay true to themselves.

Nicole possesses a Master Practitioner Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), along with a Life Coaching Certificate from Achology – The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology.

Nicole lives in Massachusetts with her husband Phil, daughter Lenora, sons AJ, Nathaniel and bulldog, Otis.